Our experience with 24-7 media in Germany.

In June of this year our ad agency contacted Ingo Ramin of 24-7 Media
(www.24-7media.de) in Germany to produce 11 website banners for a Fortune 500 corporation client of ours.

We finalized the details in August, with the understanding that the client was by now anxious to get their banners.

He was very communicative-we sent several emails back and forth outlining the project, talked about the budget, and had a phone conversation to get started. We transferred $4,000 U.S. to his bank account in Germany.

Sometime in late August, Mr. Ramin told us he was involved in a car accident, resulting in project delays.

In early September, after another apology and a claim that something was sent to us a week earlier but “must have been caught in our spam filter”, we received some concepts on September 10th-basically 3 ideas and 1 flash file sample. I immediately responded (within 10 minutes of receiving them) with feedback.

That’s the last we heard from Mr. Ramin.

Numerous attempts to contact him since via email and telephone have not been returned.

Please be warned that if you hire 24-7, you risk the strong chance of not getting any work completed, especially if you pay them in advance.

If Mr. Ramin sees this site, we will gladly take it down after he returns our money.

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